Transformatie is een berg zonder einde.

Stilstaan in achteruitgaan. Maar soms moeten we vertragen om te versnellen. Elk moment, elk gesprek staan we stil bij WIE JE MOET ZIJN om van je huidig plafond een nieuwe vloer te maken. Een greep uit van hoe we met de Mindtransformers levens transformeren.

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mario. Mario has the ability to see things about myself and my business that I didn’t notice before.’
— Matthias Nys, SaaS Entrepreneur

Mario would be an excellent driving instructor; always self-controlled, but demanding.
His coaching sessions are like a slip course, pushing you to the limits, but always a fall-back to an identity with a strong foundation.

— Lieven Depoorter, CEO Bitstream Visuals

Mario is leaving no stone unturned to divulge who I really am; he brings clarity in the goals I really want and transformed my identity into an action machine that’s always creating.
— Tom Piette, CEO Innomatics

If you want to lead change, working on a great idea with an infinite drive is not enough. Everything starts with having confidence in yourself. Mario hits nails on the head. Working with him means bringing great ideas into your business.
— Kristof Haerens, CEO Thorbiq